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counselling and mindfulness

We’re normally caught up in the current of our thinking, feeling, and emotions.  With awareness, we can observe it all without being swept away

(Tenzin Palmo)

Counselling Support


I have supported individuals, couples and families with a variety of concerns in the Valley for over 10 years.  As such I feel I have developed the ability to successfully support clients with presenting concerns in the following areas: anxiety, depression, healing from trauma, grief and loss, navigating life changes and transitions, stress reduction, prenatal and postpartum anxiety and/or depression, couples therapy, relationship dissatisfaction, self-regulation and communication skills, self-compassion, mindfulness, psychedelic preparation and integration, and supporting clients in becoming more grounded in their felt experience. 


Experiencing anxiety is part of the human condition and can be a very healthy response to our environment and circumstances.  However, for 1 in 10 Canadians it can become overwhelming and deeply interfere with daily activities and choices.  But it doesn't have to be this way.


The grip of anxiety can be loosened through building resources and skills which challenge anxiety provoking thoughts, behaviours, and emotions.  Incorporating mindfulness practices which draw attention to the present moment experience also offers proven tools to cope when anxiety shows up. 


Learning to ride the wave of anxiety with conscious self-compassion gives space to go beyond attempts to avoid and control anxiety, and for our attention to be focused more on the people and activities that bring us joy and deep personal fulfillment.



Each developmental level our children go through can bring up different joys and challenges for parents, whether they are just beginning the journey to parenthood, embracing the interesting twists and turns parenting a teen might bring, or preparing for children to spread their wings. 


I am a mother myself, and have had the privilege of supporting over 50 families in welcoming their newborns as a Doula, taught prenatal classes for 8 years in the Valley, supported families experiencing prenatal and postpartum depression and/or anxiety, and infant/child-parent attachment concerns, as well as supported many families through providing general parent education and support from birth through the adolescent years. 


As such I feel I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of emotional wellness for both parents throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, including healing from birth trauma, the transition to parenthood, and parenting concerns across the lifespan.



When not in private practice I am a counsellor with the Sexual Abuse Intervention Program (SAIP) at Comox Valley Family Services.  In this role I support children and youth who have experienced sexual abuse, and children who are displaying what are considered inappropriate sexual behaviours. 


This has given me unique insight into supporting clients who have experienced childhood trauma, complex trauma and neglect, and PTSD, or who are in a period of post-traumatic growth for a variety of traumatic experiences. 

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